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If you don’t know how to caulk it , don’t talk it..

We don’t just talk the caulk, we Walk and Caulk. First Choice Caulking was founded because we wanted to provide people with high quality work, we pay high attention to small details and have a passion for making your house as beautiful as we can, we always go the extra mile and we love what we do!  We are fully certified and are continually advancing our education in this field to discover new ways to serve you better.

We provide you with a high quality job using the finest material on the market, so your house becomes more efficient and looks better for a longer time.


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  • What Is Caulking?

    Caulk is a flexible material used to seal air leaks through cracks, gaps, or joints less than 1-quarter-inch wide between stationary building components and materials.
  • Who We Are

    First Choice Caulking is a Canadian owned and operated leader in exterior and interior caulking. We excel at what we do and always strive to bring you premium quality results.
  • What We Offer

    We specialize in commercial high rise and low rise buildings. Our team of skilled professionals are well trained and are capable of reaching tough areas on buildings while still delivering
  • Maintain The Caulking

    Over time, like many things in a building, caulking starts to get deteriorated. Signs of this include rips and tears in your caulking or the color becoming distorted.
  • Why Choose Us

    We are a team of very experienced and highly skilled professionals. We know the differences between the types of caulking that are available on the market. We will choose the
  • Best Materials

    At First Choice Caulking we believe you should only settle for the best especially when it comes to your property, we understand that this is a big investment So it